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Exclusivity in a bag
Edition 16
Salce 197. Between personality and elegance
A contemporary and elegant style that remains modern over time, suited to a wide variety of ages. Simple and minimalist shapes, sophisticated colors. A blending between hard shells and soft leathers, with maximum attention to detail. Salce 197 is the result of the passion of Aldo Cafiero – owner of Cafiero, the leading company in eyewear packaging heading the brand - and Piera Moretti, Brand Manager of Salce 197, guided by designer Stella Negro who has known how to interpret and give style to an experience matured from collaborations with the most important brands in the eyewear industry. We met up with Sara Broggiato, sales manager of the brand, to learn more.

Three adjectives that describe Salce 197.
International, contemporary, and nonconventional.

What are the inspirations, materials, and trends of the next collection?
Colors inspired by the 70’s, a return to a delicately vintage palette, soft premium nappa leathers on net and simple lines. Surfaces enriched by shaded or embossed prints, leather appliqués that create three-dimensionality. Vintage inspirations on a contemporary style for lines and shapes.

What is it that makes you most proud of this brand?
Having successfully created an exclusive style, without having to borrow anything from other brands. This uniqueness is often recognized by members of the trade and when it happens it is a great joy for us!

In your opinion, what changes did the lockdown we just went through, and which we are still experiencing to a certain extent, bring about in terms of style and personal care?
Personally speaking, it led me to reflect on what the essential things are for each one of us. We all had more time – a rare resource in modern-day society – to dedicate to ourselves and our family, allowing us to understand just how many superfluous things surround us. In terms of fashion, making headway is the concept ‘less is better but of quality’ and the idea to not entirely comply with fashion trends, but rather adapt fashion to your own style. From this, Salce 197 and a modern, yet elegant collection, that lasts over time.

What is your first memory connected to the world of fashion? A passion that accompanied me from a very young age: my Barbies and dolls were always dressed with great taste and meticulous care, and it made no difference if the game was set on a lawn or at an evening gala event.

Name either a past or present icon of style.
I would like to quote something once said by Yves Saint Laurent: Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it. I believe that our mission is to create bags that put women at ease when wearing them, that make them feel good about themselves, and which provide them with that something extra so they can better express their personalities with full confidence. How many times have we left the house feeling good and strong, because a certain bag or pair of shoes made us feel beautiful? This confidence is accordingly transmitted to others as a light and smile.