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Tiziano Cereda from Biffi: "Pitti Connect and Super are very interesting platforms”
Edition 16
Handmade and green are the elements that the CEO of the company rediscovers in this season’s collections for both men and women. "During the lockdown, we witnessed a gradual development of our online business", added the buyer
"Pitti Connect and Super are two genuinely interesting platforms. I find them to be intuitive, practical, and functional”. Recounting his impressions to MFF is Tiziano Cereda, CEO of the Biffi boutiques group. Uniqueness, solidity, craftsmanship and sustainability are the elements that the CEO rediscovers in the collections of this season for both men and women. 
Among the brands mentioned by Cereda are Alphastyle, Oof weae, Myar and Vitelli for menswear. Phipps, Peppino denim and Edithmarcel for womenswear. “I believe a lot in a future where online and offline coexist”, continued the buyer, “the digital channel cannot substitute physical business but must inevitably flank it”.
From one end, the physical visit to the store is a unique opportunity for meeting and discussion. From the other end, the CEO underlines how the digital channel provides the immediate and quick information that is required and only possible to find on the web. “The increasing development of the online purchasing channel is something we have perceived in recent years”. The Covid emergency just accelerated this trend.
Placing online orders, explains Cereda, allows time to be saved and works well if you are already familiar with a brand. “With emerging brands, it is more difficult”. The pandemic has inevitably had repercussions on the retail sales of Biffi, which however witnessed the gradual development of its online channel during the months of lockdown. “Our website really helped us do business. We cannot make forecasts for this year, but we feel fairly confident”, concluded the buyer.