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PRESS SELECTS. The SS21 Top 10 of Anabel Vázquez
Edition 16
Anabel Vázquez's career is as unconventional as it is fun: life took her to different places, such as the MoMA in New York or the luxury brand Loewe, as she continued writing for Spanish and Latin American media, having started in the 90s. Currently, she writes for Vanity Fair, S Moda and Condé Nast Traveler, she manages her cosmetics brand Laconicum and takes part in various communication and branding projects. Exclusively for Pitti Connect, here is her personal top 10 of brands selected at Super.
We can never get enough of these: structured and oversized white shirts. Or maybe, with this one, we can
This look is an invitation to sit by a bonfire and tell stories after a long day spent in the African savannah trying to spot the "Big Five."
When in doubt, I always think: would Diane Keaton wear it? And yes, she would wear this suit. I like everything about this look: it's rigorous, monochromatic, and boldly disrupts a code
I call these types of dresses, freedom dresses. They make you feel like you owe anything to nobody, that you can control your body and your movements. I imagine walking around Essaouira with this dress on.
A good shoe is like a good book, it makes you stronger. I like it both in the lower and the higher-heel version. They are a wish for interesting situations.
Training in Marchesa seems crazy to me. But actually, I want to do more sports just to be able to wear this look.
I love cowboy boots, I love country style, and I would love to be able to sing "Jolene" well. These boots would inspire me.
These sandals are like traveling. I love that they are flat and handmade in Greece. In the summer, I would wear them every day.
Obviously, I need these loafers. There is nothing else to add.