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Laura Seganti
Edition 16
American Way
Laura Seganti, stylist at Elle Italia, pays tribute to the great American dream through the brands of Super. Between state-of-the-art streetwear and pop swimsuits, minimalism and vintage-inspired clothing, a virtual journey in the country where everything is possible. 
‘Studying the rhythm and movement of the foot is essential in the creation of footwear’, says South Korean designer, Sangmin Park. And I believe him. I’ll never doubt again!
When streetwear takes its cue from Asian design. Refined, elegant, contemporary. A style that leaves its mark behind. 
Anita Bilardi
Vintage taste and romantic allure, this bag is coup de foudre!
Arianna di Maio
The knit garment that makes every outfit special: layered over a long dress in perfect folk-chic style, or worn with jeans to embellish casualwear. Now, it allows me to dream during the long afternoons of smart working!
When the shirt is style. Wear it with a pair of sneakers and you’re ready!
Minimalism, contemporary design, architecture… Bobo’s garments are a clear tribute to every form of art. Not to be missed.
Crem 38
Lightweight, delicate, almost impalpable? You can’t help but fall in love. 
Edoardo Gallorini
Feminine elegance blends with androgynous eroticism, through educated exhibitionism. And it is poetry. 
I love Pop
‘The bikini is the most important thing since the atom bomb’, said Diana Vreeland. My choice: a playful, colorful, and decidedly pop style. 
Le bugie di Diego
Shopping for your home? Wax candles made from 100% natural soy are special.