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Edition 16
When fashion becomes an art form, it contends for immortality. Or, more realistically, it achieves a timeless appeal also made up by that which is not art. Because clothes that recount a story are destined for a more attentive interpretation and conservation. If they also have something authentic to say on those who conceived them, then it’s a done deal, we’ll see them in a different light. Among experimental forms and atelier projects, subtle balances and textured materials, cultural backgrounds and architectural citations, we hold tight to those pieces that can communicate beyond the here and now.
The background is multidisciplinary, the DNA artisanal. The luxury shoe brand created by Alessandra Balbi – fashion designer and interior architect – and handmade by Venetian artisans from Riviera del Brenta, portrays a dialogue between cultural layers. In an interweaving of humanistic throwbacks, pictorial references, and architectural proportions, the creations acquire an intrinsic value. Among traditional shapes and contemporary nuances, the collection looks to Optical art and the work of Argentina-born artist Julio Le Parc, who is famed for his multicolor juxtaposed bands.
Designer with a background in scenic design, Giuliana Guiso dedicated this brand to her great- grandmother after the fortuitous discovery of one of her handmade wool bags. Strong from this legacy, in a journey from Sardinian wool to the most exquisite leathers, the focus immediately goes to research onto materials and processes. These are the origins of unique one-of-a-kind bags, capable of seamlessly merging respect for the environment, first-rate leathers, and Italian artisanal excellence.
Compact, heavy, opaque, and dry fabrics, which are also rich in meaning. These are the lines of design and interior design guiding Roberto Bigatti in his collections suspended between minimalism and modern architecture. The predominant color? Black, always, to be lit up and shaped with touches of light. The dress becomes flexible and a sinuous shape in space, fabrics are conceived like rich surfaces, perfect for evoking the facades of buildings.
An ode to female empowerment. The focus on dresses designed for independent, non-conventional, and courageous women who are above all proud of their imperfections. Features that translate into outfits suspended between geometries and fluidity. Trapezoid tunics and maxi skirts reflect the natural beauty that every woman brings to the world in her own personal way, becoming passe-partout with a strong aesthetic impact.
A style filled with contrasts. Full color artistic prints and graffiti invade mini or oversized dresses. The elegance of long evening gowns is moderated by strong juxtaposed tones, perfect in never going unnoticed. Denim is matched with asymmetric tulle tops in pastel nuances, while oversized bows coexist alongside ruffles and crushed PVC pieces.
The most contemporary line of the maison is a pathway made up by iconic motifs and meticulous contrasts. Impalpable lines are embellished by appliqués in hammered metal, or eco-leather inserts. Sangallo origami is revamped and macramé is shaped into geometric designs. Space is given over to suits made from shirt fabric, Bermuda shorts in different lengths, and outerwear with a masculine imprint. A line ready for its international debut. A collection where tradition and experimentation find their perfect combination.
A flacon-sculpture in violet polarized glass protects pure perfumed essences, which are 100% Ifra certified. Essential oils, non-diluted, in ten different versions. The name can be found inscribed on the precious Bakelite stopper. The refined handmade plexiglass coating completes the packaging. On stage, the high perfumery collection created by Renato Bongiorno in collaboration with the Nicola Bianchi perfumery.
A refined selection of unique items that revolve around two distinct elements: scarves and foulards, essential accessories to style. Silk is the preferred material, capable of spanning the seasons. From the shirt to the dress with drawstring, from the reversible jacket to the rain jacket in ultralight nylon, the shapes are soft. A universe moved by mosaics of prints inspired by ethereal Japanese wallpaper or by the warm shades of country blankets.
Bags understood as designer objects, which surpass the definition of accessory. Pure geometries, the starting point for inventing allies of style which are always different. Like a puzzle, elements of the highest craftsmanship are put together and taken apart in a versatile and creative game. Linear forms are perfectly understated, but with a dynamic soul that is suited to contemporary or the most classic outfits.
The tradition of Milan craft workmanship meets up with the deconstructive design of Tel Aviv. It occurs in the sartorial collections designed by this brand based in Milan, which is portrayed through a hybridism capable of blurring the lines between art and fashion. Roni celebrates values like diversity and inclusiveness in an evolved system, which is moderated by a profound sense of environmental responsibility. Even the materials are sustainable: vegetable or organic fabrics, made up by biodegradable fibers, which are still rich in UV protection, antibacterial and anti-irritation properties, and superior breathability.
The aesthetics of movement becomes the leitmotif of the collection. Like a choreographer is inspired by the explosion of spring, the pureness of winter, summer fireworks, and the quiet of autumn, the founders of Selezza look to dance and all of its seasons. Tulle, lace, delicate pastel nuances, and silk textures grace a summer season filled with the rhythmic notes of a romantic dance. Twirling skirts and rustling shirts reflect the passion of a Latin dance, while clothes with a vintage soul tell of seductions unfolding in ballrooms from long ago.