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Walk Through:
Edition 16
There’s something in Pop Art that always makes it contemporary. Maybe the reason can be found in its direct and media-connected language, in its connections with sub and street cultures, and sacrilegious intent. Today, it returns once again in a diluted and indirect way, under the form of misleading clothes in luxury collections or reduced to simple mise-en-scène. That which remains recognizable without a doubt is its typical use of color and the choice of common everyday objects revamped and decontextualized. Even more so than the prints created from portraits and comics.
The shoe, the only object in the world capable of changing the mood, stride, and posture of its wearer. Therefore, focusing on the study of movement and anatomy of the foot is essential to footwear designers. This is the creed of South Korean stylist Sang min Park, heart and soul of 4CCCCEES, who after his studies at the Royal College of Art did a stint at Alexander McQueen. Plus, before launching his brand he also worked for United Nude, the London brand known for the architectural style of its shoes, and collaborated with Issey Miyake.
That of Arthur Arbesser is an immediately recognizable language, with a well-defined look. Born in Vienna, the designer founded his brand in 2013, after moving to Milan. For the SS21 season, his world moves through black&white zigzag motifs, refined kimonos, and suits with unusual structures, and the occasional luxurious revamping of aprons. In the prints, the two-tone oversized format is alternated with highly colorful pixels.
Environmental responsibility is an integral part of modern style. Izmee, the brand with a 100% Italian design, creates steel bottles for quenching your thirst at any time of the day, but in a responsible way, without using plastic. More than bottles, they are bona fide objects of desire that can be collected and matched with any outfit. Vitamin-toned shades, prints borrowed from comics. Over it all, a touch of the 80’s.
Beachwear, what a passion! The new collection of the entirely Made in Italy brand, ILOVEPOP, conveys cheerfulness at first sight. Bikinis and “out-of-water” outfits are characterized by their sophisticated selection of textures: velvet, lycra, and lurex are the protagonists. Different materials and specific combinations of nuances guarantee a seductive, yet never predictable, approach to life on the beach.
Texan boots, variations on the theme. This Italian brand has transformed its passion for boots into a kaleidoscopic universe of expressions. Colors, heights, details, impossible to not want to own at least one pair. The common denominator is the high quality of the leathers. Without foregoing a joyous reference to the latest trends. For SS21, glitter explodes: work boots are transformed into sparkling shoes for the evening. Ready to dance!
A voice that stands out in the world of luxury footwear, London native Kat Maconie, two-time winner of “Drapers Shoe Designer of the Year” award, expresses herself through a SS21 collection of great 2 impact. Geometrical heels and a neon palette make a simple interweaving, decorations, and appliqués unique. Plus, there are eccentric models where fantastical animals, ideally arriving from a pop jungle, stand out.
Vanilla, sandal, and cotton are the three iconic and widely celebrated fragrances of Le Bugie di Diego, a project by designer Diego Dossola, co-founder of the Ultrachic brand. The idea starts from an expression of artist Frida Kahlo, who spoke of the lies told by her beloved Diego Rivera. The candles are proposed in elegant black glass vessels with seven different phrases, in one moment ironic, and in the next evocative, like Midnight talks, Totally in love, and Don't ask I won't lie.
Slow down, think about what really counts and that which does not burn out in a second. A quality garment should not be tossed away but kept: it’s a question of style. And it is the mantra of this Made in Veneto brand, which looks to the artisanal craftsmanship of its knitwear collections. The protagonist, seamless knitwear, manually woven on looms, like long ago. Plus, room is made for the culture of outerwear, sartorial trousers, and perfectly made shirts.
Voyage, voyage. The leitmotif of the collections designed by Amedeo Piccione is a journey revamped and corrected by free flights of fantasy. Imaginary lands inspired by real places enliven must-have flared skirts. Daydream colored patterns run along small crop-tops and romantic chemises. Pop and dreamlike details alternate on ultra-feminine dresses.
Bon-ton attitude balanced by layering and plays of contrasts. Delicate prints, exquisite materials and patterns that evoke memories and faraway places. The ultimate aim, a collection that overcomes the concept of seasons, made up by silk, Made in Italy processes, embroideries, and trim. The 50’s in a metropolitan style.
A product generated by the blending of different worlds: experimentation, craftsmanship and the study of production techniques from the past. Creations above all the result of diligent personal research. From Milan, fashion by De Lellis bears an international signature. Committed to constructing increasingly complete collections. “More than taking my inspiration, I experiment – comments the designer – I look for combinations of aesthetically interesting materials, but I do not feel connected to any one temporal or aesthetical dimension”.
The modern vision, which combines the values of artisanal tradition with the progresses of technologies, is one of the factors of success of Elisabetta Armellin. With her brand dedicated to Venice, right from the start, the designer born in ’73 believed in the possibilities offered by upcycling. Innovative accessories that arise from the virtuous transformation of recovered materials, between artisanal workmanship and respect for the parameters of social and environmental responsibility. Some of the models, for example, are entirely made from nylon derived from Pet-Recycling.
A free, strong, and independent spirit. This is the woman designed by Veronica Iorio, who is not afraid to show her feminine side. If she happens to feel old-fashioned, this does not prevent her from fully living in the present. She can wear the same outfit in the office or to a cocktail party because that which speaks is her personality. Dresses are faithful allies, and a way of communicating with others through individual style.
The brand is born from the dream of a girl, originating from a country in the ex-Soviet Union, to become a stylist. With each new item, Yekaterina surprises thanks to her collections forged on the fire of vintage clothing re-elaborations. In the beginning, it was an innovative vision of eco-sustainable sensitivity, which was then strengthened by an awareness of the cycle of sustainability / reworking / upcycling. Today, Yekaterina reinforces this position with the hashtag #fashionforplanet.